Sunday, March 10, 2013


I am in the midst of a (rather brutal) abridgment of a chapter from my dissertation for next weekend's SECSOR conference,¹ and I was suddenly hit with a brilliant realization that would have pulled the whole thing together much more elegantly. I guess that's why we revise things. Now I just have to resist the impulse to stay up all night working the new idea out instead of finishing my presentation.

(And yes, I wrote the idea down so I won't forget it before I can get back to it. I do learn. Eventually.)

It just makes me sad that I can't spend every day working on this stuff, instead of cramming it into occasional sleepless weekends. I swear, if I didn't need health insurance...

¹  I submitted my proposal to SECSOR instead of the Mid-Atlantic SBL because their CFP was first, and by the time the M-A SBL's CFP came around, it had already been accepted. This means I have to fly down to South Carolina instead of taking a leisurely drive to Baltimore. D'oh!

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